It's ABOUT People...It's ABOUT YOU.

About Us...The CCP Difference


Our Experience

Combs Communication Partners (CCP),

  a community relations firm headquartered in Aurora, Colorado.

We specialize in strategic communications, public engagement, and community outreach campaigns for large or small infrastructure improvement projects, marketing, workforce development, social media campaigns, event planning and 

affordable housing initiatives.

While we are classified as a Small, Minority, Woman-Owned,

Disadvantaged Business, (SBE/MWBE/DBE/SDB/EBE/ESB), WE THINK BIG

for our clients and commit to moving the needle in our recommended

solutions and implementations.

At CCP, we believe the key to a successful outreach plan 

begins with two of our core strategies:

Customized Outreach Methodologies

• Consistent Messaging


Why Us?

Our clients are the primary reason Combs Communication Partners (CCP) exist. Our team engages with the people you're desiring to reach. We strategically partner our clients needs with our proven, strategic communication frameworks that lead to effective communication solutions. 

Our methods are based upon new approaches, concepts, and rewarding experiences designed to bring about measurable winning results. 

We bring the required commitment, passion, and over 25 years of developing successful, executed, outreach plans to raise awareness, bridge the gap, build consensus, or define the missing elements to your project. 

Helping our clients add value, and to engage with people in all communities  

is literally 

"what gets us out of bed in the morning"   

Let CCP join you in ramping up your process to empower your team 

and increase your results. 

Strategic Collaborators